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Test 12

1. They will have been cleaning her pool for an hour by then.

2. It’s was … journey … was not what everybody had expected.

3. I would like to know what … .

4. They said that it was necessary that she … her work.

5. “Where did you put my notebook? I cannot find it.”

6. Her advice that you … more is actually very good.

7. People believe that she has been playing truant.

8. If you … wait a second, I … you Sir.

9. It’s likely that they were hiking at the time.

10. You shouldn’t keep a grudge under any circumstances.

11. Tom announced that he … to the party after he … all his work and only if they … him.

12. I don’t know how you can … such behavior especially that he … everyone else.

13. After the break the professor went on … about Egypt and tried … the students … back then.

14. Cu cat citesti mai mult, cu atat esti mai destept.

15. Were she … with the preparations, it … much faster.

16. I was on … holiday when I decided to climb … Mount Everest, but I was told that it was … difficult feat so I decided to sail on … Nile instead.

17. “When did you last hear from her?” He asked when … .

18. It’s typical of people to be selfish.

19. Although we try hard, we can never persuade her to listen to us.

20. I don’t believe they realized how serious the situation was, …?

21. Everybody has seen there is hardly any hope, …?

22. They saw her true character only when it was too late.

23. Far … me to want to tell you what to do, but be …, I’ll still try to advise you.

24. They … a bunch of lies as … .

25. Don’t try … doing the right thing.

26. She looked as if she … a terrifying thing and now she wishes she … it.